Although Trust E. Duck, the Duck® brand mascot (left) may not approve of the DUCK hunting hints listed below, he sure approves of the use of Duck® brand duct tape for outdoor activities like hunting (deer), fishing, hiking, and camping. The hints below just scratch the surface of all of the real (and wacky) ways that duct tape can be used outdoors. Read through this list and feel free to email us your additional ideas. Remember: Never leave home without duct tape! Click the tape strip above to get more information about Duck® brand Camouflage Duct Tapes.

Disclaimer: The hints below are from the gifted err... twisted minds of The Duct Tape Guys and do not necessarily represent the views or recommendations of Manco/Duck® Products. Please don't try any of the hints that seem blatantly stupid, potentially injurious, disrespectful to human or animal life, or outright dangerous.
Hey, Tim. In this hunting/fishing context, don't you suppose the line about disrespectful to animal life is out of place?
Go duct tape something, Jim.

1. Turn your wife’s minivan into a mobile duck blind with Camouflage duct tape.
2. Recycle those broken clay pigeons and targets with duct tape.
3. Tree lover? Repair those unsightly buck rubbings while searching for your perfect tree stand. (Use Duck® brand Camo Tape in Real Tree® patterns.)
4. Convert two old shotguns into a double barreled shot gun with just a quarter roll of duct tape.
5. Convert two double-barreled shot gun into a quad-barreled (be the first quad a duck camp).
6. Clean your hands after gutting your deer by slapping on and peeling off strips of duct tape. Then, pass it off to your hunting buddies as “deer jerky.”
7. Don’t waste your time and money on taxidermists. Mount your trophy buck by encasing it in duct tape (that smell will go away after six months or so).
8. Is Billy Joe Bob annoying everyone at camp with his sophomoric humor? Duct tape a trophy rack onto his hunting cap.
9. An old folding chair from the church basement, a roll of camouflage duct tape, and a tree, equals the perfect tree stand.
10. Keep falling asleep and out of your tree stand? Duct tape yourself in place and grab a few winks without breaking your leg.
11. Fowl hunters: Forget those messy face paints, just make yourself an easy-on/easy-off waterproof hood out of camo duct tape.
12. Recoil bruising is a thing of the past when you duct tape three or four deer tails to the butt of your rifle.
13. Against firearms but need some venison to get the family through the winter? Sneak up behind a deer and hog-tie it (err, hog-TAPE it) with duct tape. Then, hit it over the head with a boulder.
14. Missing your tent ropes? Just pull off the appropriate measure of duct tape and fold it over on to itself and you’ve got yourself new, stronger ropes.
15. Tent post bust? Duct tape and a stick make a great tent post splint.
16. Sprained ankle? Duct tape and a stick make a great splint.
17. Fillet your fish the easy way: 1. Cut fish in half. 2. Duct tape over bones. 3. Rip tape to remove bones. 4. Like sushi? Eat. Don't like sushi? Cook and eat.
18. Run out of bait? Make little silvery “minnows” out of duct tape. We sure are attracted to it, fish should be too.
19. Tired of dressing like every other guy in the woods? Use Duck® brand camo and X-treme™ blaze orange tape to come up with your own hunting apparel. It’s durable, and waterproof!
20. Forget your rope to tie your deer to the hood of your car? Secure your buck with Duck® tape. As they say, “The buck stops here!”
21. Pack light! One pair of underwear covered in duct tape will last two to three weeks. It’s wipe and wear!
22. Duct tape makes an excellent ammunition belt. Just sling some over your shoulder, sticky-side-out, and press on the shells.
23. Duct tape is canoe repair on a roll. Just slap a piece on each side of the hole and you’re good to go!
24. Mosquitoes getting the best of you? They can smell you (and they certainly can’t bite you) if you cover yourself entirely in duct tape. (You will have 100% UV protection, too.)
25. Kids around? Make sure your guns are safe. Duct tape is trigger lock on a roll!
26. Make your paper plates last longer: Cover them in duct tape.
27. Prevent the bears from running off with your food by duct taping your backpack to a tree limb.
28. Bunk buddy snoring keeping you awake? Duct tape (either over his mouth, or your ears).
29. Hiking in ill-fitting shoes can really bring on the blisters unless you give your sensitive areas an extra layer of “duct tape skin.”
30. Bleeding from a gash or scrape is easily stopped with duct tape. It’s suture on a roll.
31. Are your waders getting a little too fragrant? Put a strip of duct tape under your nose.
32. Camouflage your gun, boat, trailer, car, bow, heck, even yourself, with camouflage duct tape.

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Canoe Repair This past summer the guys from my office, my brother and I went on a weekend fishing trip to one of the Adirondack Mountains, beautiful lakes in upstate New York. We had 6 guys and three canoes full of fishing gear plus coolers of food and drink. Well once we portaged all of our stuff to the lake and started to paddle to our site my brother&Mac226;s boat started taking on water. Well with in 30min of paddling the canoe had about 5 inches of water in it. They ended up having to paddle to shore empty their boat and dump the water out. By the time we got to our campsite they had another four inches in their boat. That night we thought of ways to fix the canoe, the only thing that we had was DUCT TAPE. The next morning before we started fishing I threw my brother a roll and he went to work. Well, for the rest of the weekend they had no trouble at all. The Duct Tape worked great. This picture is of my brother and the canoe all patched up. Thanks Duct Tape. - Tony and the Fishing Crew

Duct Tape Tent I made a camping tent out of duct tape and pvc pipe. i used 48, one foot sections of pvc pipe with connectors for the frame and 16 rolls of 3"x60yd. duck brand duct tape (which is a little over a half a mile in duct tape). the bottom of the tent is 8"x6" and it is about four feet high. The pvc pipe weighs 10 pounds and the duct tape cover weighs 30 pounds so the whole tent weighs 40 pounds. the tent cost me $172 and took about three months to build. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to completely set it up and about the same amount of time to take it down. - Kyle Willey, Drummond, OK

Duct Tape Kayak Here's my durable, fully functional kayak made with cardboard, duct tape, and glue. It was featured in a news item, paddled by Larry Hoff of the channel 11 news in New York City. - George T. Tortora, Ph.D.

Canoe Repair Kit The Girl Scouts of South Texas that go through our canoe program all make a canoe repair kit. It consists of a large medicine bottle with waterproof snap lid containing alcohol swabs for cleaning, then DUCT TAPE wound around the outside for patching.
Shoe Keeper A band of DUCT TAPE around the arch of the shoe on elastic water shoes, so that they don't get sucked of in mud.
Blister Preventer Tape hands where hot (tender) spots start, before blisters form to protect the paddling hand.
Glasses Croakies made of duct tape keep them from falling in to murky water and getting lost. Take about 10 inches, fold the duct tape over, so that no sticky is exposed, except about 1 inch on the ends. Use that 1 inch on the ends for attaching to the earpieces. You now have a strap for behind the head to keep glasses from falling off. - Tim C., Houston, TX

The Miscellaneous Uses of Duct Tape by Charlie Zapp I am an avid hiker and would not go into the woods without duct tape. It is the universal mender of everything from tents, to food bags that critters have chewed through, and shoes that start to split apart. It is amazing how far you can walk with duct tape around your shoe soles before it wears through. It also works well if you feel a hot spot on your feet where a blister is starting. I have had the same duct tape on my feet for over a week and it prevented the blister. One time I cut one of my fingers down to the bone and was able to pull the cut together with duct tape. The resulting scar is no more than if it had been sutured. In fact it is less because there isn't any scars from the stitches. Of course I had to give the incision ample time to knit together before I could pull the tape off without ripping it back open, which was about a week.
Any hiker with any experience has duct tape some where in their gear. We carry ours wrapped around our hiking poles. This lessens the pack weight and keeps it readily available. - Charlie Zapp