Our Demo Video
(live performances and television appearances) 7:30

Our stage show
(the live show we perform at consumer shows across North America) 30:00

Duct Tape, the Musical
a demo for our 90-minute stage show, "Duct Tape: The Musical" - performed with musicans Ben and Dan

18 Weeks of Mega Mini Movies
(short bits from our retail video)

Our Man Made Movie Appearances
we did a handful of episodes of TBS's "Man Made Movie" - these are five of them

Our 1990 Halloween Costume Video
vintage Duct Tape Guys video produced prior to our Halloween Book

More Halloween Costumes
this video was produced to coincide with our Halloween Book media tour

Our History Channel Appearance
"The Clown Princes of Hardware" on The History Channel's Modern Marvels show

Grillin' with Mad Dog and Merrill
part of the Midwest grillin' show - including our brat-making demo

On TV News
a sampling of how the morning news shows use us for comedy relief
(Fox News Phoenix)

And, of course, an outtake
a promo for a TV show goes great until Tim names the wrong city...