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STUCK for a good Halloween costume idea this year? "Stick to duct tape — it's Halloween Costume on a Roll!" So say Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, authors of five best selling books about the duct tape (over 1 million copies sold). Let's join the Duct Tape Guys for a conversation about how duct tape can contribute to your Halloween fun.

Tim: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Each Halloween, when our kids were younger, we'd turn our garage into a creative "Haunted Garage" that quickly became the neighborhood favorite. Having a background in magic, I made sure the haunted garage featured lots of illusions. Of course, the whole thing was held together with duct tape.

Jim: My favorite was your duct tape mummy.

Tim: Yeah, I think he's still up in the attic somewhere. Anyway - the kids are off to college now, so the Haunted Garage is boxed up, but we still use duct tape in the creation of Halloween costumes.

Jim: The great thing about duct tape is, it comes with absolutely no directions. Which is a good thing because it doesn't limit your creativity.

Tim: Yeah, and if you're like me (and I know I am), you can't sew. That's where duct tape comes in — it's like seamstress on a roll. No need to sew - just rip and stick.

Jim: And, it comes in all sorts of colors now! Duck® brand duct tape comes in over a dozen colors including some bright fluorescent colors like hot pink and blaze orange in Duck® brand X-Treme™ tape.

Tim: And, don't forget camouflage — last year Jim covered himself entirely in Duck® brand Camouflage duct tape and went as the invisible man. You can see how he looked (or didn't look) on our Halloween costume video that's posted on our web site.

Jim: Tell them what your daughter went trick-or-treating as, Tim.

Tim: Oh, that was cute. She dressed entirely in pink, duct taped a shoe to her head, and went as used bubblegum.

Jim: And the previous year, she duct taped a bunch of pop cans to a duct tape vest and went trick-or-treating as a human vending machine.

Tim: I made myself a duct tape vest with the sticky-side out, stuck a bunch of candy wrappers and popcorn all over it and went as the floor of a movie theatre.

Jim: Of course, you don't have to be creative to make costumes out of duct tape. You can always be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Just make sure you aren't applying the tape directly to your skin or get it stuck in your hair — you'll be in a world of pain!

Tim: You can read our ever-growing list of duct tape halloween costume ideas on our web site.

Jim: You forgot to tell them the address, Tim.

Tim: Good catch, Jim! It's And, when you're there, make sure you send us your duct tape Halloween costume ideas and photos — we'll have them posted in time for Halloween.

Jim: And, whatever your duct tape Halloween costume is, remember to practice safe trick-or-treating: Duct tape a flashlight (fore and aft) to your head so cars can see you.

Tim: Happy Halloween everyone! May the tape be with you!
The Duct Tape Guys' books and videos can be found on their web site:
Their fifth book, "Duct Shui", is in stores now!

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