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On this page you will find:
General Duct Tape Interview Questions
Stump the Duct Tape Guys interview briefing
Duct Shui interview questions
Destressing the Holidays with Duct Tape

The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book interview questions
Radio Promotional Ideas
Stump the Duct Tape Guy(s)
Duct Tape Guys for President
Top Ten Lists
(uses for Duct Tape that are seasonal and event oriented)

"That was great!... You guys are really fun!... Boy, you made our week!... Hey, can you stick around and do a few extra spots for the station?" Those are the typical comments that we receive when we finish a television news or talk show segment.

The Duct Tape Guys are prop comedians that provide great visual humor for television. They think on their feet and can immediately adapt any situation into an opportunity for their bizarre (somewhat surreal) duct tape comedy. The guys also are great with radio. Tim’s background in radio doing character voices and improv have honed his skills into being one of the most talked-about author interviews on the planet.
(left: The Duct Tape Guys tape up Detroit’s Groove 105.1 "Doc Reno.")

Watch with amazement as Jim and Tim use duct tape to: lower a receding hairline, turn packing foam into a halloween costume, turn pizza cutters and shoes into “Italian rollerblades”, add inches of height to any talk show host, save thousands of dollars with a do-it-yourself heart bypass, make a combination burger flipper/fly swatter, teach ventriloquism techniques, make road maps easier to read, create stunning fashions, perform their memorable “Ode to Duct Tape” song (the most hideous musicians you’ll ever hear — thankfully only lasts for 10 seconds), cook a hotdog, peel and mince a clove of garlic, trap a computer virus, and with rapid-fire delivery demonstrate a seemingly endless array of breathtakingly stupid ideas. The guys can be set loose to fix an endless number of broken items on your set or on the street around your studio.

See if your station’s "goofy news guy" (most stations have one) would like us to hang out with him/her for a part of the afternoon taping various stuff around town. This works great as a pre-produced segment.

Complete interview briefings are at our web site (address below). Play Stump the Duct Tape Guys: Have your listeners call in with problems or situations that they think can not be fixed with duct tape. The spur-of-the-moment wacky ideas that Tim and Jim come up with creates some of the best comedy on the air today.

Click here for Goofy Radio Stunt photos.

We create GREAT photo opportunities! Is anything in town that the Duct Tape Guys could fix with duct tape and create a humorous spin on an otherwise delicate subject? For instance, a public building that is constantly under scrutiny or in a state of disrepair, a local politician or celebrity with a big mouth that would pose for a "taping" (eg. Minnesota's Jesse Ventura or the paper's gossip columnist), a piece of artwork that has been criticized as not suitable for public viewing, or a sports team that is floundering... Throw any "problem" or "situation" our way and we will come up with a way that duct tape can fix it.

Stump the Duct Tape Guys NEW Fall 2005 - the Seventh book in our trilogy!

For review copies of "Stump the Duct Tape Guys" please call Diane McLendon,, 816-360-6818

Background: This book is based on one of the most popular sections of our web site: Stump the Duct Tape Guys (duh). For the past ten years, our web site visitors have been citing situations and/or problems that they think can NOT be fixed with duct tape (and/or WD-40). Tim and Jim and have then provided answers/solutions to these situations. Though most of the answers are absolutely ridiculous (they are, after all, formulated out of the shallow gene pool and single-mindedness of the Duct Tape Guys) they never fail to entertain the reader.

Tim perfected the elaborate and breathtakingly stupid answer to simple everyday problems in the 1980s when he created and performed "Helpful Household Hints for Happy Homemakers with Mrs. Millard America" (think Heloise on acid) as a regular bit for Twin Cities, Minnesota's WLOL fm Hines and Berglund morning drive show.

Questions: Feel free to ask these questions or just skip to the listener participation below.

• This is your SEVENTH BOOK about duct tape?! Why? How could you even write ONE book about duct tape?
• You and Jim didn't write this one alone, you had help from your web site visitors?
• So they posed questions - citing situations or problems that they think can't be fixed with duct tape and you suggest solutions?
• So, in your mind, there isn't ANYTHING that duct tape can't fix? / Did anyone ever stump you?

• Let's see if some of our listeners can stump you...

Listener Participation: This premise provides the perfect opportunity for listener participation/call-ins. Start the interview with a brief introduction of the Duct Tape Guys (usually Tim alone will be doing the interview) and mention of this, their seventh book. Break for commercial and come back to listener call-ins trying to "STUMP" the Duct Tape Guy(s).

Samples: Here are two sample sections from the book. You may ask us these questions and we will give the answers. Or, if you would like to pick a few of your favorites from your review copy (see contact info above), please give me/us the page number before you pose the question - there is a ton material here and it's been years since we've written some of the answers - we will need to refer quickly to the book to refresh our memory of our answer.

I'm in science class and I just threw a beaker of sulfuric acid at the door and made a big hole in the door. If I try to put duct tape on it the duct tape will just melt. What should I do?
Quick! Sit in a chair and wrap duct tape around your feet. Then put a strip over your mouth and eyes. Finally, put your hands behind the chair and wrap the tape around your wrists. When the teacher returns to the classroom and finds you, explain that some vandals overpowered you while doing your lab assignment. This should get you off the hook for the damage to the room. Have your teacher clean up the acid mess – they’re trained to do that. – DTG

I've got a hot date this weekend and want to impress her, How could I use duct tape to my advantage but not let it steal my spotlight?
Duct tape the entire inside of your car. Make silvery vinyl seats, silver dash board, woven silver headliner, duct tape roll can holders on the dash... take it to the limit. If your “Duct Tape Limo” handiwork doesn’t impress her that you are a quality, caring guy, dump her and find a gal that appreciates duct tape as much as you do. Compatibility in relationships is paramount to life-long happiness. – DTG

Stumped? Though Tim (and Jim) will never readily admit to being stumped, you can select the listener that you feel is best qualified to recieve a copy of our book.

Please mention: Stump the Duct Tape Guys is available now at your favorite bookstore, or online at at the Duct Tape Pro Shop.
Stump the Duct Tape Guys is published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Thank you for your interview. We know that you and your listeners will find it entertaining. - The Duct Tape Guys

The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book interview questions:
  • Here is a suggested interview briefing (feel free to do your own thing):
  • I (We) understand you have a new book out?
  • Six books about duct tape… was this really necessary?
  • How do you make costumes out of duct tape?
  • And you're using colored duct tape. Is that something new?
  • What are your favorite costumes in the book?
  • Twenty of the over 101 costume ideas are labeled "30-second costumes." What's a 30-second costume?
  • The book also has duct tape pranks, decorating and party ideas - give us some examples.
  • Since people have costume parties all year long, your new book sounds like it will be popular all year long - not just Halloween…
  • How can our listeners (viewers) get "The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book?"

Please mention our web address: (thanks)
Your referrals to prep services and your peers are greatly appreciated.

Suggested general Duct Tape Book interview questions:
  • There are a lot of different kinds of tape available... what's so special about duct tape?
  • Why a book (now six books) about duct tape?
  • In book two you've gathered hints from people all over the world. Did you find that a certain type of person is more apt to use duct tape?
  • Who invented duct tape?
  • What are some of your favorite uses?
  • Your book has some hints for animal lovers. Could you share some of them with us?
  • Tell us about some of the inventions you've made with duct tape.
  • In your fourth book, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book, you feature "stuff from our secret recipe files" --- Recipes in a book about Duct Tape?!
  • I couldn’t help but notice that some of the hints are rather far-fetched. For instance, “Duct Tape pigeons to your head for that fly-away hair look.” There are actual usable hints in your books too, aren’t there?
  • I understand that you’ve forced your first three books into retirement... why? (To turn them into collector's items and to promote the fourth book, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book, and now the FIFTH book in our trilogy, Duct Shui, both of which are now available in bookstores everywhere).
  • I imagine any of these books would make a great gift (hint, hint).
  • How can our listeners/audience contribute their ideas to your books?
Please mention our web address: or (thanks)
Your referrals to prep services and your peers are greatly appreciated.

Duct Tape Use Inquiries Always in Progress!

Jim and Tim are always looking for more duct tape uses. Have your listeners/viewers contact Jim and Tim via their web site: or mail to: Duct Tape Guys c/o P.O. Box 130066 Roseville, Minnesota 55113. Or, run your own contest and we’ll hook you up with some prizes. TO BOOK AN INTERVIEW and to get review copies contact TIM - the Duct Tape Guy

Duct Tape Fixes an Ancient Philosophy (Duct Shui - the fifth book in our trilogy)

Overview: The Duct Guys stumble head-first into the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui.
Totally bewildered, they explore their own theories on how to achieve harmony and happiness through the use of duct tape, thus creating their own breathtakingly stupid philosophy: "Duct Shu".

Suggested Duct Shui Interview Script/Questions for Duct Shui:

  • We are talking with Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys who have just published their fifth book about duct tape. Their new book is called, "Duct Shui" and is based on the popular Feng Shui movement that you may have heard of. Welcome Jim and Tim.
    Me: Hi, today it's just and Tim—Jim is out back turning his '84 Toyota into a camper for our book tour. So, I'm manning the phones this morning.
  • For our audience that doesn’t know what Feng Shui is, describe it to us briefly.
    Me: Feng Shui (fung shway) is an ancient Chinese art (or philosophy) that brings prosperity, happiness, and abundance. "Chi" is the energy the Chinese say pervades all life. (not to be confused with that milky tea stuff that you pay too much for at Starbucks - that's Chai.) Feng Shui properly positions you and your environment in relation to this "Chi" energy, the result being that you achieve harmony and happiness. Feng means wind and Shui means water.
  • And what is Duct Shui?
    Me: Well, Duct Shui is our new philosophy that attempts to modernize and fix some of the outdated and blatantly superstitious stuff that we discovered when we studied our friend, Ray Beckstrom’s Feng Shui correspondence course.
    We don’t pretend to know the first thing about Chi. But we do know duct tape. And, we do know that there is POWER in duct tape. You can hear the energy crackling when you rip duct tape off the roll [rip]. And we do know that both of us have achieved massive amounts of happiness because of duct tape.
    Duct means wind tube and Shui means water - what does this mean? I have no idea.
  • You: You mentioned blatantly "superstitious stuff" in Feng Shui. Give us some examples.
    Me: Well a lot of Feng Shui deals with the arrangement of items in your house to allow for the positive flow of chi and to avoid negative chi or chi suckers. One of these "Chi suckers" is the toilet (and other drains. For instance Feng Shui says that if you have a toilet back-to-back on a common wall with a bed is bad because the flushing sucks positive energy. To remedy this, they say to put a mirror behind the headboard of the bed with the reflective side facing the wall. And that will "cure" the sucking of the energy.

    In Duct Shui, we say if your bed is on a common wall with your toilet, it means that you don't have that far to walk to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. In fact, we suggest that if the common wall doesn't have a door in it, you cut a hole for even easier access. Then frame the hole with duct tape and avoid the need for that costly finishing carpentry.
    And, if you don't want the toilet sucking (which pretty much defeats its purpose), we suggest flushing a huge duct tape ball or two. This will certainly stop the effectiveness of the toilet's drain.
    By the way - we also have interesting facts scattered through the book such as: The first toilet ever seen on television was on "Leave It To Beaver".
  • Your book is organized into areas like home, office, health, wealth... are these parallel to Feng Shui teachings?
    Me: Yup - we realize that everyone (whether they admit it or not) are seeking improvement in the same basic areas of their life, and Duct Shui focuses on all of those areas.

    For instance: In Feng Shui, they teach that a fountain near the door of your office space will be a mood lifter and bring more salary your way. It will also diffuse the flow of bad chi (negative energy) into your office space.

    Duct Shui says To stop the flow of bad energy into your office (i.e. to keep the boss out of your cubicle), cover the entrance to your cubicle entirely in duct tape. Skip the fountain idea; that trickling sound will just make you have to go to the bathroom more (which may prove problematic with your door taped shut).
  • Give us some another examples.
    Me: If you live on a dead end street, there is a lack of energy flow. To stimulate the flow of chi, put wind chimes and bird feeders in your yard to create new activity.

    Well, excuse me, but isn't the whole point of living on a dead end street to achieve a lack of energy flow? If you want energy flow, live on the side of a freeway. Use duct tape to reinforce your windows so they don't rattle when semi trucks pass your house.
  • You: Here’s an interesting Feng Shui concept: "Poison Arrows" - what are "poison arrows"?
    Me: Neighboring roof lines facing the front of your house are "poison arrows" that threaten your future. Feng Shui says you can effect these poison arrows by placing wind chimes (hung with red cord in a multiple of nine inches) near your front entrance. Or, you can hang an octagonal "Ba-Gua" mirror above the front door of your home.
    Duct Shui instructs that if you're afflicted by "poison arrows," "bullets," "catapulted stones" and other "implements of harm"... move!
    Duct tape makes an excellent sealing device for moving boxes. It’s strong, you can rip it with your bare hands, and you can label with it, too! And as you leave your house yell, "BAAA! GWAAA!" at the people shooting the stuff at you.
  • You: Feng Shui has a lot of wind chimes in it doesn't it?
    Me: Oh, yeah, they rely on wind chimes quite a bit. For instance, Feng Shui says that a metal wind chime in the front area of your home (or office) will summon people to help you.

    Now, to us, the sound of wind chimes says, "I'm at peace." If you really need to summon help, what you want to do is get some duct tape stuck in your hair, then rip it out. Your screams will most certainly draw attention.

    By the way, in Duct Shui - the book - we include instructions on how to build your own wind chimes out of a stick, duct tape and old silverware.
  • You: Doesn’t Feng Shui instruct you to simplify?
    Me: Yes, and this is one thing that we agree on. They say to determine if chi can flow freely throughout your house (which is essential to good Feng Shui) you should walk through your house.
    If YOU can't flow freely through the house (without tripping on stuff), neither can energy.
    Remove unneeded articles. Simplify.

    Good Duct Shui suggests that you limit your toolbox to two items: Duct Tape and WD-40(r). If it's not stuck and it's supposed to be, Duct Tape it. If it's stuck and it's not supposed to be, WD-40 it. Taking that into account, what other tools do you need? Simplify.
  • It sounds to me like "Duct Shui" gives a lot of usable Feng Shui information also.
    Me: If you're interested in Feng Shui - you could purchase on of the hundreds of books that are available on the subject, or pick up the one and only book on Duct Shui - that gives you a condensed overview of Feng Shui - but then goes the extra step and imparts a new, improved (and what some critics have described as "breathtakingly stupid") philosophy, Duct Shui.
  • Where can our listeners pick up your book?
    Me: Your local bookstore should have it right up at the front counter, or visit our web site: or [spell].
  • Please mention our website: or - Thanks!

TO BOOK AN INTERVIEW and to get review copies contact TIM - the Duct Tape Guy
For promotional copies of Duct Shui fax your request for sample books on your station letterhead to Kate Tyler 212-254-8098 or email your request to:

Other radio prep promotional ideas:

  • Have your listeners call in with their favorite use (or weirdest use) of duct tape.
  • Take the duct tape challenge: Have your morning drive team duct taped to a billboard or local monument for an entire morning. This makes a great publicity stunt and can also be used to raise funds for a local charity. (Make sure you read our Wall Tapings Warnings prior to duct taping someone!)
  • Got a local building or monument that needs repair? Or, how about a local big-mouth that needs quieting? Turn it into a media event for your station. Just bring the Duct Tape Guys in to fix 'em!
  • Ask about having your station sponsor one of our regional Duct Tape Pageants.
    For more information call Tim at 612-240-6679 or Valerie Stump at Duck® Brand/Henkel (manufacturers of Duck® brand Tape) 1-800-321-1733.
  • For promotional copies of our books call Kate Tyler at Workman Publishing 212/614-7771
  • Please mention our website: - Thanks!

Election 2004: Jim & Tim are running for President (again).
Try these Duct Tape Guys for President Interview questions:

Use these questions or come up with your own (our entire duct tape platform is located here):
  • So you wrote six books and eight Page-A-Day calendars about duct tape. How does this qualify you to be president?
  • You've made a run for the office before, right? How did you do in the last two general elections?
  • Your platform states that duct tape can cure all that ails America. Let's talk specifics....
  • How can duct tape help our education problem?
  • How about the drug and crime problems?
  • You say duct tape can fix our budget deficit?
  • You even claim in your press release that duct tape can help in our foreign affairs....
  • Which one of you will be President and which will be Vice President?
  • How can our listeners/audience contribute their ideas to your campaign?

(Send your duct tape uses to Jim and Tim via their web site:

  • Where can we pick up your books, calendars and video?
  • Please mention our website: - Thanks!

STUMP THE DUCT TAPE GUY (a GREAT listener participation and Phoner Bit)
To get an idea of our answers to their questions, click here.

THE SET UP: Introduce Tim —the duct tape guy, author of The Duct Tape Books and The WD-40 Book.

?: What’s so special about duct tape and WD-40?

?: So you think that there is absolutely nothing that either duct tape or WD-40 can not fix? Well let’s put you to the test as our listeners (or as we) try to Stump the Duct Tape Guy.

PRIZE PACKAGE: You may want to give away a copy of The Jumbo Duct Tape Book or Duct Shui as the prize (call Kate Tyler at Workman Publishing for your comp copy(ies) 212/614-7771), and a roll of duct tape (or 3 or 4) --- contact your local hardware store for tape --- they will usually be happy to part with a few rolls for an on-air mention.

LISTENER PARTICIPATION: Have your listeners call in on the air and try to stump The Duct Tape Guy by describing a situation that they think Duct Tape and/or WD-40 can NOT fix. Or...

DO IT YOURSELF: Either come up with your own problems or situations and try to stump the duct tape guy, or have listeners call in off the air and pick the best of the pack—then pose them to Tim.

PICK A WINNER: Pick winners (3 or however many you want by dividing up the prize package) by whoever was able to Stump (or come closest to stumping) the Duct Tape Guy.

THE CLOSING COMMENT: How to get the books:
• Available at your local bookstore (The Jumbo Duct Tape Book, Duct Shui and The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book)
• Or buy online at the Duct Tape Pro Shop:

TO BOOK AN INTERVIEW and to get review copies contact TIM - the Duct Tape Guy

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