Watch these episodes of TBS's Man Made Movie (Thursdays at 8pm EST on the TBS Superstation) to catch the Duct Tape Guys in action! (right: Jim and Tim with host, Chad, Chad is holding a duct tape bikini top Tim fashioned out of yellow and black Duck® tape. Jim is holding a duct tape "banana boogie board" made out of Duck® Xtreme® tape and an old ironing board.) Click the underlined Movie titles to see what we were up to on the specific episodes.

8/30/01 “Turner and Hooch” - The Duct Tape Guys create a duct tape duct tape dog house complete with flea and tick catcher. (The duct tape dog house Jim and Tim made is pictured on the right).

9/6/01 “Lethal Weapon” - The Guys will present some lakeside duct tape hints.

There will be more episodes coming! check back here for more information as we get it!

The Duct Tape Guysalso appeared on these Man-Made Movie episodes:

"Fallen" - The Guys will show their lumbering ideas.

"A Few Good Men" - The Duct Tape Guys share ideas in the Man-Made Movie house's all-urinal bathroom.

12/27/01 “Sniper” - Tim will make Jim totally disappear using Duck® brand camouflage duct tape.