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Edward’s Duct Tape Pants
Edward made these 100% Duct Tape Pants while at summer at camp. They took 1 hour and three rolls of duct tape.. for a price
of $15 Canadian... not bad for a pair of pants that never looks bad when patched. And, you can always alter and adjust them anywhere, anytime! Check out Edward's clean joke site (we like to support clean humor).
100% Wrinkle-Filled
Jens S. sez, "Why waste your time worrying about wrinkled clothing? Just wear clothes that start out wrinkled and are meant to stay that way!"
Duct Tape Coeds
We created these dresses for the 2000 Freshman Formal Dance at our college and received several interesting reactions amidst the formally dressed crowd, from the ducttape fanatics, to those awed by the idea of an all-tape dress, to those snobby in their disbelief that anyone would do something so horrendous as to arrive at a formal in material from a hardware store.
Heather (blonde) and Allie (darker hair) are both in black trimmed dresses, and I'm (Katy) the one in the other dress with small washers and fishing shot dangling from the hem as fringe. --- Katy
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Duct Tape Stud Muffin
James S. of Rome, Georgia had his senior pictures taken in a duct tape suit that he fashioned himself. He also made his girlfriend a skirt. Nice work, James... send us your duct tape wedding tux and gown photos when they happen!
Why is this couple smiling?
(right) Because they just saved over $30 on boutonniere and corsage by making the boutonniere totally out of duct tape and the corsage out of duct tape and artificial flowers. Not only is this a subtle fashion statement and a scoff at the prices that florists charge these days, they’ll also last forever! Nice going, Jana and Michael!

Y2K Duct Tape Guy:
He was ready for anything
(below) Greenfield Center, NY's Mike "Duct Tape Man" made this duct tape suit to be ready for Y2K. Sure, nothing happened... but if it had, he would have been well prepared and protected. Nice goin’ Mike!