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Duct Tape Paint Job
Keith in Illinois noticed that his car's paint was coming off. So, with the help of three friends and some donations from others, they gave his car a tough new skin using duct tape. Keith, who also has a duct tape fashion web site, says that the duct tape has lasted through all kinds of weather including cruel illinois winters.

Duct Tape Sled Takes First Place
My daughter, Ali, won first place in the East Moline Jaycee's Cardboard Sledding Regatta on January 27, 2001 in East Moline, IL. Ample amounts of duct tape contributed to the first place finish. (See the before and after pictures above). --- Cory L.

Duct Tape and Garbage Bag Waders
I am an engineer in Boston, MA. Recently I was inspecting a bridge, and needed to go into the water. The water wasn't deep enough for a boat, but deep enough to require hip waders. Unfortunately, my company's hip waders had been misplaced, and my partner and I could not find a pair at any store on our way to the site. We finally gave up looking and went to the trunk of my car to see what we could do. I took heavy duty garbage bags, and duct taped them around my legs, and reinforced the boot area with additional layers of tape. wouldn't you know Duct Tape came through, and I was dry for the full 2 hours that I was in the river. Her is a picture in my fashionable Duct Tape / Garbage Bag waterproof boots. --- Erik Stoothoff

Fix a Flat
I was riding my fourwheeler one day and had a nail go through my tire and all I had was Duct Tape so I tore off a piece and roll it up and stuck it in my tire to plug it. --- Josh Skidmore

We've got a photo of another guy fixing his delaminating tires (not Firestone as far as we know) with duct tape - go to Duct Tape Bizarre

Nothing says, “I love you” like a roll of Duct Tape
I live at a boarding school far from home, so my parents miss me a lot. They often send me packages of candy to make them feel better, and my mom always includes duct tape (which, when combined with candy, can really cheer me up after a bad day!) --- jud3dan

Paintball Precision
I was playing Paintball in my backyard a couple of days ago, but after a couple of hours it got dark an nobody could hit each other. I simply said I have an idea, I ran into the house, duct taped a flashlight to the barrel of my gun and never missed again. --- R.Spewak

Speaker Renew
My stero speaker dome was accidently pushed in (so it was indented instead of popping out). I took a peice of Duct Tape and placed it on the dome, and when I pulled it back off, the dome popped right out. Good as new!! --- Peter Sydloski-Tesch

The Sticky Sticky Remover
I'm sure that just about everyone has tried to peel a label off of something one time or another, where it has left a sticky mess. You could try and scrape it off, or dissolve it with acetone, but neither way gets it totally clean, and acetone will break down some plastics and paint along with the sticky stuff. But I've found a little trick I've been using for many years now that almost always removes all traces of sticky crap left behind by labels and tape. Just peel off as much of the label or tape as possible, then cover the remaining gunk with a piece of duct tape. Remove the duct tape then repeat as necessary.

I like to roll the duct tape back and forth over a small portion of the sticky surface by wrapping the end of the tape over my index finger and holding it on my finger with my thumb. I then rock my index finger over the gunk applying some pressure to help it grip on, and gradually work my way down as the sticky crap is removed.

In really messy cases, you may need to get a fresh piece of tape if the tape starts to loose its stickiness and stops removing the gunk. But most of the time one piece of tape big enough to cover the entire mess is all you need. Sometimes you can even remove the gunk with the label that left it there in the first place. --- Nick Masluk

Duct Tape Shoes: The Price of Admission
After getting your calender for my college roommate from Kentucky, your hints on duct tape use gave me a great idea. I was going to a play in downtown Chicago that advertised admission as "20 bucks or the shoes off your feet." I made myself some back-loading pure duct tape shoes (complete with straps at the back and buckles) and enjoyed my "free" show. Just as I was lamenting losing my new shoes, the manager returned them because he was so impressed! Now I have waterproof slippers to wear into the dorm shower area, which is a bit disgusting. Thanks duct tape guys! --- Rick Hornbeck, Chicago Il.

Duct Tape Sling Chair
I had just seen many hammocks and suspended cloth chairs and I wanted one, but being a poor college kid it was too much money to spend and I didn't have anywhere to put it in my dorm room. So then I raised my bedframe up as high as it goes and made a duct tape chair to attatch underneath. It's strong enough to sit in and it attracted a lot of attention from neighbors on my floor. --- from Pi in Worcester, MA

Securing their Engagement
Multnomah Bible College has a new tradition of a "welcome home" celebration after a guy gets engaged. They duct tape the newly engaged guy into a chair and parade him around Memorial [hall]. Then, they have the fiancée cut them out of the duct tape. --- submitted by Virgil Pease

Shower Grommet
When the shower curtain pulls out of a hook or two, simply fold a piece of Duct tape over the top of the curtain where the torn hole is and punch a new hole with a paper hole punch. Rehang it and you can now take a shower and keep the floor dry! --- Leonard Nederveld
Good thinkin’ Leonard, we featured that hint in our first book: The Duct Tape Book. You can still get it (even though it's out of print), just click to the Duct Tape Pro Shop.

Windshield Seal
Duct Tape saved the day for us a couple of weeks ago. We drove to Decatur Illinois for a basketball game, and the day before we had a new windshield put in our van. We were almost there when we discovered through the noise and air we could feel, that obviously the windshield was not sealed on the top at all!! Luckily when we got to out brother in laws house he had Duct Tape, and we taped the top molding so we could get home safely and without all the cold air getting in. It worked like a dream! --- Dianne S.

Bubba Be Born by Duct Tape
I thought you might be interested in my grappling dummy. I build a lifesize dummy that is used for practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one of the most popular martial arts in the world. I have a patent on Bubba, and I use six rolls of duct tape on each dummy. His skin, in fact, is duct tape as well as lots of internal parts. He is sold by the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance, CA and shipped around the world. Bubba rules! --- Brett "Bubbamaker" Picotte

Cross Dresser’s Companion
I recently won a cross dressing pagent. Being a guy its kinda hard to get that womenly bosom that's so important. So we mad a harness of duct tape and placed socks in them for that natural curve. It did the trick!!! --- Rene R., Denton TX

Drummin’ Up Duct Tape Repair
I am the drummer for my High school Jazz band but i had this little problem. My bass drum pedal was broken and i absolutely cannot play with out my bass drum pedal. So what did I do? I reached for that heavy duty roll of duct tape and fixed that puppy right up. I used about 10 layers on every broken part and it works like brand new. Now not only does my band director ask me to fix every thing with duct taoe but all the chicks dig it and it's all good! --- Nathan Reed

Telephone Repair on a Roll
I once had a phone at college that didn't make it through a roach killing in one piece. The handset was kind of falling apart. I reattached a few wires, wrapped it up with duct tape, and it worked fine for several years. --- Peter L.

Duct Tape on the Ski Hill
I wanted to share with you the creativity of the kids in our small town. There is little for them to do, but many of them enjoy snowboarding and skiing at the small local ski hill. Unfortunately, it has a tow rope instead of a lift, and it tends to make mincemeat of their mittens and gloves in no time at all. The kids have taken to taping their gloves completely with duct tape to avoid rope damage to their hands. In fact, the ski hill now stocks it so that the kids are never without resources! It's not pretty, but it's practical as heck, and you gotta be proud of our young protoge duct tapers in this world! Thought you would like that. --- Erin Lacy
Hey, what'dya mean it's not pretty! And, by the way, that use was Tim's first use of duct tape in high school.

Wallpaper Border
Now here is another use for the ladies. I helped a friend do her bathroom trim with camouflage duct tape. As you can see it worked great. What an idea. --- Jeff Roseman (The bathroom is Diane’s in Leamington, Ontario)
We think it looks great, too. Now, get some X-Treme Duck® Tape and cover up those hideous wire butterflies and you'll really have something!

A bit more than a door ding...
For my video project in this quarter's video production class, I used an entire roll of duct tape. I got a perfect A. If you want to make a good movie, use a lot of duct tape, and use it well. --- John Wald

We don't think that there has been a movie made since the 1940's that hasn't relyed on duct tape (or gaffer's tape). Check out our videos here.

Duct Tape Locksmith
I worked late one Friday night and was one of just a few people left in the office. I realized I left my coat in someone else's office which was now locked. Unfortunately, my car keys were in the coat pocket. No one but the cleaning lady had a master key and it was her night off. After several unsuccessful calls to people that had already left the office, I decided to take matters into my own hands. First, the credit card in the door didn't work. Then I decided I'd have to remove a ceiling panel in the hall and drop into the office from above. After climbing a ladder and removing the necessary ceiling panels, I had a very bad feeling about trying to get my body through the panel frames. Instead, I got a length of conduit and wrapped duct tape, inside out, around the end of the conduit. I was then able to reach down from the ceiling and safely turn the doorknob using the sticky end. Duct tape may have been responsible for preventing an on-the-job incident! --- Dan McLaughlin, Ohio

Duct Tape Fools Georgia Patrol
I use duct tape to fool police speed radars. What I do is tear 1/2 inch strips of the stuff and tape diagonally every other inch on each headlight during the day. The metallic reflector can give a scrambled speed signal to certain types of radars. Hence, I've never gotten a ticket during the
day. --- Jamie S., Georgia

We don’t know exactly what kind of tape Jamie is using, and we don’t have the money to pay the ticket that we might get testing this hint... so, use your own discretion.

Soccer Mom Saves $$$ on Shoes
When my son was between ages 5 - 8 and playing soccer, he never seemed to be able to keep on his uniform, including his soccer shoes. When he would be running and then go to kick a goal or a long drive, leg would come back, kick initiated, and then well, the ball would go one way and his shoe the other way. After about the millionth time that this occurred I finally went to the car, pulled out my roll of duct tape and promptly tape the shoes around his ankle and under the sole of the shoe including shoe laces. I decided that it was cheaper to purchase new shoe laces than to buy shoes that fit exactly for that day only. --- Marilyn K.

A bit more than a door ding...
We drove our brand-new Acura TL on a vacation to Page, Arizona. We were sitting at a stop light (second car in line) happily chatting away about how great the vacation was when BLAM!!!! There was an explosion, and our car moved violently sideways into the lane to our right. We looked back and saw that our left rear door was bashed in--of course the window had exploded into the interior of the car. Initially, there was no apparent reason for what had happened.

A young driver who had just gotten his driver's license had driven his truck through the intersection (the one we were facing) too fast, hit water, and spun around smashing into the side of our car so hard that he bounced off (which is why we didn't see any apparent reason for the explosion).

At first we were devastated, but the duct tape saved the day. We hammered out the wheel well, then put plastic, cardboard and lots of duct tape over the window opening and went on to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Page, Arizona is a small town, so we stood out and got lots of appropriate sympathy. Moral of the Story: Always keep a roll of duct tape in your car. --- Evelyn, Yorba Linda, CA

Another Restaurant Use
I am a server, and unfortunately I dropped a lit cigarette onto my apron, which caused a small hole in the front of the apron. The hole was on the pocket of the apron where I keep my pens and loose change, and my pens kept falling out of the apron at the worst times like when I was delivering food or drinks or what not. So, to fix the problem, I just used some matching black duct tape and put a small piece on the inside of the hole and on the outside. Now, my pens and change stay in the apron and I never confuse my apron with any of the other servers' because mine has a one square inch piece of duct tape on it. Thank God for Duct Tape. --- Angus

Duct Tape in the Fire Lookout Tower
I work as a lookout person for 4 months of every year looking for fires. When you are isolated and something breaks down, duct tape comes into play.
Last July I tore some ligaments in my ankle (I thought at the time it was a bad sprain even though I was black and blue from my knee to my toes) and went to my first aid kit to apply a tensor bandage and none was to be found. I then wrapped duct tape on my ankle to hold it in place so that I could at least make it to the outhouse which was the only place I would even attempt to move to for the next three weeks.
Some of the brackets holding the screens in were missing thus allowing insects to enter my cabin. I duct taped all around the screens making a perfect seal so that I was insect free except for when I opened my cabin door. --- Jenny B.

Duct Tape Saves a Day
It was only the 23rd day of 2001 when I was reading the 24th day. After memorizing another great use of duct tape, I looked at my watch and asked my wife if I overslept. "Nope" she says. Then why is it the 24th? Whoops! She says, “I musta pulled 2 days off at once.” Off she went to I get our day back out of the rubbish and proceeded to put the day back with - what else?- Duct Tape! (Ahh. I trained her so well!) --- Kevin Lowe

Duct Tape College Gear
As a college student at the University of Massachusetts I was constantly looking for a bag to endure the hike to classes. Rain, sleet and snow are just some of the weather conditions New England experiences on a wintery day and after giving it some thought, there seemed only one solution...Duct Tape.
So I made a duct tape bag. Started out with one strip and continued until I had sides, a base, a flap for the top and a strap for my shoulder. It has been two years now and my bag is still good as new and I still use it everyday. --- Jacqueline W.

Duct Tape Fixes Catalytic Convertors and... Duct Work?!
Our son's first car an old dodge colt had been totaled by an insurance company but had very little damage to it. The car was running poorly so he removed the catalytic convertrr from the exhaust system. The jumper pipe he installed was a little larger than needed so you guessed it he sealed it with duct tape. I followed him to the state patrol office for a vin inspection. I thought the inspector was going to die laughing when he saw the tape. It was smoking and stunk up the shop. It was great.

Then, our son was watching the HVAC guy install duct under our house. Of course the guy was using duct tape to seal the joints. My son being completly sincere says for everyone to hear "Ah, but yet another use for duck tape". --- Annetta and Earl V.

We can understand your son’s surprising revelation. We’ve written four books and seven Page-A-Day® Calendars about all the uses for Duct Tape and not one of the over 4000 hints says anything about duct work! By the way, did the Colt pass the inspection?

Never Go Sailing Without It!
There is always use of duct tape on any sailboat. Duct tape, fixes everything possible on boats. Mine, for example, is from 1972, the 426th made, of its kind. The mast step is held together with duct tape. If not for duct tape, i would not have the boat. Thanks Duct Tape Guys! --- Laser526

But Don’t Wrap the UPS Package With It!
My friend at work was trying to ship something UPS, but it was too big to meet their size requirements. I told him "Why don't you just cut it in half and duct tape it back together when it gets to the destination?" --- Chris N.

Great idea, Chris. Just don’t try putting duct tape on the outside of the package, UPS won’t accept packages wrapped in duct tape! Yes, hard to believe, but the guys and gals in the brown trucks remain unenlightened about our preferred tape.

Hamster Control
How do you catch a loose hamster in your basement? Easy, put the food dish outside the cage on the floor and surround it with duct tape, sticky side out. Check cage daily. --- Tina Christian

We've heard it used for snake and mouse and roach catching, why wouldn't it work for hamsters, too. Heck, it’d probably even catch an elephant if you used enough of it!

High Tech Duct Tape
I am a finacially challenged college student. Duct tape comes in handy, all the time. This was just a unique week. Computers and duct tape typically don't mix. Until now...I have one of those infrared mouse's. I couldn't find my mouse pad, and the countertop didn't have enough texture for the mouse to work well. So I placed five neat strips of duct tape onto the desktop and presto...a mouse pad. If that wasn't enough, I have an assignment that I have to turn in on diskettes the tomorrow. I don't have any new ones, and I ran out of labels. The professor requires very strict labeling standards, and a new label is required. There is no time to buy new disks at 2 in the morning, so I made duct tape labels for the disks. I will report on how the teacher responds. --- John Scrofano, Indiana

Hey, Good Buddy, Got Yer Ears On?
As a kid I always wanted a CB radio at home but my dad wouldn't allow it because he didn't want some tripod and antenna bolted to his brand new roof. So, I duct taped it to the chimney... It held through six New York winters and two hurricanes. --- Nick

Es ist nicht Kaput!
My wife and I were on a trip thorugh Germany. Our tour bus had a small accident one morning that left the windshield severely cracked. The driver was not willing to drive with the windshield in such a condition and we, with our other travelers, were not keen to stay in the hotel for a day or two while another bus was secured for us.

I noticed the bus driver was trying to use electrical tape to reinforce the windshield. I knew his efforts were doomed because there was too much damage. I had our guide tell the driver (who spoke only German) I had a much better solution. I went up to my room to retrieve my roll of duct tape (which, like any experienced traveler, I never leave home without). Within a few minutes, the windshield was reinforced - both inside and out and we were happily on our way. Besides receiving a standing ovation from my fellow travelers, the bus driver gave me a great bottle of champagne. --- Ken L. Hope, RI

A Trilogy of Uses
I, like you. understand that duct tape holds the world together. See the following tried and trusted methods
1) Puncture wound in abdomen from surfboard nose. Apply 4" length of duct tape, and leave for 1 week. No infection, and almost invisible scar.
2) Prepare motorcycle for it's inspection test. Spoke on broken 5- spoke wheel rebuilt with cadboard and duct tape, then painted to match existing (passed with flying colours).
3) Sprained ankles from surfing injuries. Bind tape tightly around ankle and instep before going out, the waterproof nature of the tape keeps it together for the whole session, and ankle is virtually pain free, but don't expect to keep any hair on your leg upon removal........ouch. --- Jason Jones

Slipper Repair
I have a pair of slippers that I just can't seem to part with and was disappointed in their "life span" as I watched them deteriorate in the short time I had them. As the splits on the sides kept expanding and I delayed in bringing them to a shoe repair service . . . . Duct Tape to the rescue! They have been taped several times as the tape would wear out. But the tape actually created a rough surface that helped prevent slipping outside and of course insulated warmth and kept out moisture. --- Ellen M.

A Ceiling Tree
Since my friends and I have moved to college we've found various uses for duct tape. Our favorite is: If your dorm room is too small to accommodate a christmas tree, simply make a tree outline with gaudy tinsel and duct tape on the ceiling. For added effect add construction paper ornaments with glitter. --- Annie

Check out another college ceiling taping: Tammy on the Ceiling.

Possibly the Most Popular Womens’ Use:
I recently have had a run in with duct tape that isn't completely unusual, but at the same time, drew a lot of laughter and astonishment from friends and family. Last year, for my senior prom, I bought a dress which had a built in bra. Well, needless to say, it still didn't hold me in. So, after trying many remedies..we decided to use ducttape to hold me up. Well, believe it or really did work. It did leave a little rash, but it was worth it. I mean it worked like nothing else! --- Tiffany

I have been in the school band since 6th grade playing the drums. I used to break my sticks a lot and they would always break and go flying off in several pieces when the are needed most, in performances. So, every pair of sticks I have now is covered in 2 or 3 layers of industrial strength duct tape. This keeps my sticks from chipping and shattering. Of course I have to replace the duct tape periodically due to the normal wear and tear of using the sticks, but that is still cheaper than buying sticks every time they break. The duct tape takes the brunt of the strike while the stick is merely dented. My sticks last much longer and if they do break, they don't shatter and pieces of them don't fly off everywhere making the stick useless. Also, the sound produced is not at all hurt by the tape. I have converted several of my fellow drummers to this fact. --- Jordan, Sherman, TX

This idea came to me when my computer speakers kept falling off my desk. For anyone that wants a multi-media monitor but does not want to shell out the cash, mount your speakers to the sides of your monitor with a few wraps of duct tape. If you're sick of the "baby-puke" colour of your monitor, keep going and wrap the whole thing (just cut out the air holes on the top or sides for cooling reasons). Very functional and fashionable. --- Brent

Recommended by Tech Support
My laptop computer started behaving oddly. At first I thought that the computer is suffering from a virus. Upon closer inspection I realize that a very tiny screw which secures the hard drive in place is missing. I called Gateway and attempted to order the tiny screw. The Technical Support Representative listens and put me on hold while he attempted to find the part number for this screw. After being on hold for about 5 min., he returned and advised me that they do not carry the screw. However, his supervisor suggested I try Duct Tape. I advised them that I was going to have to let you guys know that yet another use for Duct Tape exists. I personally opted to scavenge a tiny screw from my Texas Instruments Calculator. I don't think it will miss it. --- an Employee of Microsoft

That’ll Fix Him...
We have a cat named Blackie, he came into the house limping and I noticed he had broken his leg. I duct taped it and by the time the duct tape wore off his leg was good again. He no longer comes into the house limping no matter what. --- Wayne Montgomery

Sock Savior
I put duct tape on the toes of my socks because I do not want to buy new socks to work in, but I do not want the holes to get any bigger than what they already are. The cool part is that the duct tape stays on the sock for a long time, even through the wash! --- kurt s.

Post-Lasik Protection
Recovering from LASIK surgery is a breeze with duct tape. You need to protect your eyes at night for about a week so you don't inadvertently rub the “flaps” out of place. They provide you with plastic eye guards and some flimsy tape to secure the guards onto your face. Well, I wasn't about to trust my new eyes to this lesser tape! Heck no... I went right for the roll of duct tape to hold the things in place. Now, I just have to figure out how to get them off without removing my face. --- Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy)

Duct Tape Seamstress
Duct tape use is not only a "guy thing". My husband agreed to be a groomsman in a buddy's wedding (why he did this is another story). Anyway, the tux was picked up the day of the wedding. Two hours before the wedding when he was getting dressed he discovered the pants were 6 inches too long and the tux shop was CLOSED. Needless to say, Me, the wife, came to the rescue !!! I promptly measured where the hem should be and duct taped the pants to the correct length. After properly taped a quick ironing will help to "seal" the tape to the material by melting the adhesive to the material. This guarantees a surefire hem in a pinch and the wedding pictures look great. Duct tape and a WOMAN saved the day again !! --- ElleC...

Where’s Kitty?
My son, Nicholas, when he was 3, I believe found a new use for duct tape. Let's just say: pet control. Nicholas is an avid Hot Wheels collector. I would say at that time he had close to 200. He was in his play room one day playing with them and our cat, Miss Whiskers, went in and started batting them around, and in the process scratching them. Nicholas got mad, went to my wife and asked where the duct tape was, found it and went back into his play room. Ten minutes later he came out and didn't say a word. Miss Whiskers, definitely a people-loving cat didn't follow. My wife asked about where she was and Nicholas replied truthfully, "my playroom". Kathy went in to find the cat duct taped from neck to buttocks to the closet door. The cat looked might odd hairless for about three weeks. --- David W.

Duct Bowling
I work at a local university, cleaning dorms. My coworkers and I were bored out of our minds and started looking for things to do, besides work. We happened upon a roll of duct tape. We began rolling it back and forth, down a very long hallway. Soon we created obstacles with our equipment which in turn became targets. And when that wasn't exciting enough , we laid out phone books (opened) to use as jumps. Boy can that duct tape fly. It brings new meaning to 100mph tape. We like to call it "duct bowling" or "you break it, you tape it derby"! We never clean dorms without it! --- Kat in Kalamazoo

Duct Tape Averts Air Tragedy
This is a True Story. On a recent plane flight, while we were still at the gate, I noticed that my arm rest was coming apart, exposing a sharp, jagged piece of metal underneath. If we hit turbulence, I though to myself, I could die by the metal slashing my wrist, causing me to spurt blood and bleed to death (as well as sully surrounding passengers -- yeww!). I advised a flight attendant of this serious hazard and the plane was grounded...until the flight crew located -- what else? -- duct tape, which was used to repair the arm rest until we reached our destination. Duct tape definitely saved my life. --- Kathleen V., Phoenix, AZ

Duct Tape Car Tow
[My husband] actually used duct tape to tow a car for a friend of his. They had the chain, but no way to hold the chain together. So, unbeknownst to the friend, my husband used duct tape to connect the chain together and towed the vehicle 8 miles! The friend was in the car steering it while my husband towed it. The friend almost died when they got home and he saw what was pulling him down the road at 55 mph. --- Psafrit

Duct Tape Wins Dance Competition
My partner and I dance competitively and currently hold three World Champion titles on the United Country and Western Dance Council competition circuit. In December 1998 while attending the Christmas in Dixie competition in Birmingham Alabama we had a very exciting experience. My name is Josh and my partner is Diana. Diana and I had danced for 4 years, with nothing really exciting happening to us, I mean like accidents, or funny stories. Well we had danced all but one of our dances that day - we had already completed Polka, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Two-Step, East-Coast Swing, and we were just going out for our West Coast Swing. The music started and we began our routine - well, in one move I step over Diana, and on this day I happen to catch her skirt and it pulled the clasp loose - her skirt needless to say came apart - well - the DJ quickly ran out with a roll of duct tape and we taped her skirt back on - I was spinning her in a circle while he was taping - and we hit the place we were suppose to be and finished the dance to a standing ovation - not only did we win the competition that day, but we went on to win a World Champion title a couple of weeks later - and everyone in the stands was waving rolls of duct tape at me. We will never forgot that moment. --- Josh Zuniga

Duct Tape Gets the Job Done
My father is a Welder. He was on a job site in the middle of nowhere working on logging equipment. The grinding disc broke and sliced his thigh open. Instead of going to the hospital, he duct taped an old rag to his leg to stop the bleeding. He stayed until he finished the job. --- jsncat

Pointy Ears on a Budget
I recently took my dog to puppy classes and there was a lady there who had a doberman, and her husband made her choose to either get the dogs ears clipped so they would stand up or send her dog to puppy class because he didn't want to spend money on both, so she wrapped the dogs ears in duct tape and splinted them with popsicle sticks and fed the dog shark cartilage pills and on graduation night the dog showed up with no tape and pointy ears. It worked!!! --- "The Dove's Cry"

Leak Directional Device
I have a leaky roof, and because of that one if the ceiling tiles in my bathroom fell off the ceiling. Fortunately this leak is almost over the bathroom sink. So I fashioned a funnel out of a trash bag that is positioned over a pitcher to catch the water. I duct taped the funnel to the ceiling with duct tape to hold it over the pitcher. The water is then drained through holes poked in the pitcher. --- Mietze

Ancient Oriental Method...
When I was stationed in Korea I saw a special that showed how Asian women tape their feet to make them smaller. So I deiced if it worked for their feet, it would work for my waist, so I used 100 mile an hour tape and taped my waist from my ribs to my hips and I soon discovered that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't get it off and my husband was not home so I had to find something to cut the tape, the only thing I came up with was a knife. Finally I broke free and was able to breathe. ---- Ghetto Tonya from Fayetteville

Duct Tape Passes Inspection
When I was 18, in the state of DE, I had a Dodge Colt. It had a hole in it that was 1/3 of the right fender. Being a stupid teen, I tried to pass it through vehicle inspection. DE prides itself on its public safety. The inspection lane guy laughed at me when I drove through. So I went to the parking lot and covered the entire fender with DUCT TAPE. I went right back through and to the same guy. He passed it without any questions. I guess I got the last laugh. ha! ha! That was 20 yrs ago. Let's hope they got better. --- Todd

Granny Tape
A little over a year ago my Grandmother Fell and hurt her knee. She did not have Ace bandages so she used Duct tape to immobilize her knee. It worked, but the family thought that it was so funny they gave her rolls of duct tape for Christmas. She ended up getting 6 rolls for Christmas. --- Lisa

Slip, Slide and Secure
When we were kids, we used to cover out bottoms and backs with duct tape so we could slide down the hill over the pine needles. We also used this same method in the snow. Taking it off was always a major problem because, as evil little kids are oft to do, we would try to tangle up our friends and wrap their tape around their arms.
Years later when I was in the gulf war, I remembered this little trick when it came time to escort Iraqi POW's and we were out of restraints. Duct tape around the elbows, secured behind the back is an amazing immobilizer. Not only was it effective, but a large number of Iraqi's are now major believers in duct tape. Seriously, they managed to ask us, in broken English, what this special material was. --- "Creature"

Cast and Macaw Helper
I have always thought duct tape was the cure all to everything. I have used it several times. I broke my ankle in three places this summer. My orthopedic surgeon put a "non-weight bearing" cast on. It was supposed to stay on for six weeks. Of course, having four kids I did not follow the directions and the cast started to crack. I wrapped it with duct tape and it made it until my next appointment.
I also used it when I was hand raising my baby blue and gold macaw. He had a problem with his crop. That is the part of the bird where the food goes in and slowly digests. If it drops too far the bird cannot get all the food out and it will mold and die. I took a piece of old ace bandage and wrapped it around and then secured the whole thing with a big circle of duct tape around the bird. --- elly

Fisherman’s Friend
On a trip to Canada with friends we flew into a remote lake in the Canadian back country. After the plane dropped us off and left we realized in our efforts to keep our gear to a minimum we had left our only landing net back at the dock where we had departed from. I had remembered to bring my trusty roll of "silver magic" and after a brief trip into the woods around camp we collected a variety of branches of different sizes. A large one for the handle and a smaller, flexible one for the hoop, and the smallest ones to create the basket of the net. It made a quite sturdy, and effective net that we used the entire week. We were able to land many walleye, some over 6 lbs. with no problem. When we left at the end of the week we just left it there for the next group of fisherman in case they had forgotten their net or needed an extra. I never go on a fishing trip without a fresh roll of the most useful invention mankind has ever dreamed up! almost always find some problem that can be temporarily or permanently solved with duct (duck) tape. --- Dac in Indiana

Canine Dental Floss
We have a dog that goes through toys (i.e. eats them up) quite often, so after seeing quite a few stuffed animals getting chewed up, we had this great idea to finally use duct tape on this ripped stuffed monkey. Well, this monkey has lasted for over two years, since every time it gets another hole, we tape it over with another patch of duct tape... We get a visit from our veterinarian and we laugh about the now silver bullet stuffed monkey and the vet mentions that it probably helps the dog keep her teeth clean. She took a look at the dog's smile, and sure enough, sparkly clean teeth!
So here is your newest addition to your extensive list of duct tape uses... CANINE DENTAL FLOSS! --- Greg K., Raleigh, NC

Wall Taping Made Easy
I was just looking through the wall tapings page. That’s a TON of duct tape that was used! What a waste so many other uses that it could be used for! The trick is to tape the thighs! I was taped to a tree with I think 5 or 6 strands of tape (185 lbs). the stuff is strong! I climbing up a ladder and stood there. They wrapped around the tree with me on it a few times around the things... and then one or two around the chest for back support, and I stayed VERY comfortably! --- Ed Thanks, Ed... Just read our warning before you do any Wall or Ceiling or Post Taping... It's dangerous!

Duct Tape Calendar Fix(es)
I got your calendar for Christmas and immediately found a new use for duct tape. The plastic calendar holder has a design flaw in that the leg folds up when the calendar is moved or picked up. I solved this by wadding up a bunch of duct tape into a ball and sticking it between the support leg and the back of the holder. It works great and of course, sticks in place. --- Cook
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Up Chuck Taped Up, Chuck
I had to rent a car to get to work as mine was out-of-commission for a few days. All was okay until I had to put the family in it one day to take a short trip. When my son went to get into the back seat, it seems that a previous user had thrown-up there and somehow the car rental place missed the mess. It has been cold lately here in Pennsylvania and I smelled nothing. Well, we did not have time to clean up the mess, or to wait for the cleaned area to dry. A plastic bag was out as they rip. Duct tape filled the bill. We taped over the mess and my son could sit down properly without fear of having that stuff getting on his clothes. --- Gerald Mazur

Duct Tape for Sticker Removal
Whenever I want to give someone a gift, I find that it is a real pain to get off those stickers like are used at K-Mart or almost anywhere. If the product is in one of those shiny-paper boxes, then Goo Gone or WD-40 works for sticker removal. However, if some null-mind has put the sticker on cloth or some other absorbent material, then Goo Gone or 40 can't be used. It is then that I use the sticky side of duct tape and "blot" the sticker repeatedly until all of it has come off. --- Gerald Mazur

Body Shop on a Roll
Tragedy struck our '79 Oldsmobile! A red-light runner struck the rear quarter and tore a several holes in the fender, as well as knocking off the bumper. I went to a wrecking yard and bought replacement parts to remount the bumper, but the holes in the rear fender would require expensive body work. Luckily the car was silver-gray, and by using duct tape the holes were covered and the color blended quite well. The tape lasted about a year, and then required replacement. The last batch of tape was still on the car when we sold it. --- Jerry Phillips

A motor home ran into the door of my Lexus and ripped it open like a can opener. It looked terrible. I simply covered it with duct tape, and since the Lexus was silver gray, it matched perfectly and looked great. Now when I buy a new Lexus, I insist that the color is duct tape gray. That way I can do a lot of body and fender work myself and save a lot of money. --- Airflo...

When I was in high school, just a couple years back, I lived near the ocean, most cars were dust buckets on wheels. My car, in particular was HELD TOGETHER with duct tape, everything from the bumpers, and headlights down to the fenders. Otherwise the rust would have caused it to crumble to pieces, but the duct tape held it together for me and is still being used by my sister now! --- C. Williams, Spokane, Washington

I have a 1990 silver mercury cougar that was involved in an accident. Rather than have major work done to repair the headlights, grill, and hood, my fiancee used duct tape to hold the lights in, continuing the strip of tape alongside the car, so now I have very fashionable "racing stripes". The accident was 2 years ago, and the duct tape has lasted through two harsh Boston winters. --- Karen Gearty

Duct Tape Bootie Call
Here's a good use. I have a pair of boots that I use to feed my horses in at the barn. I have had to duct tape them because they split on one side. I have pretty good style going because I duct taped them in two directions. They are still working we had 7" rain a couple of weeks ago, I waded right through and my little piggies inside my boots stayed dry. My wife wants me to throw them away... Ha!!!! --- J. Chuck Collums

Paw Protection
I wrap duct tape around my dogs' feet when they go out in the snow, so they don't get those painful ice balls between their pads. This actually works better than the expensive dog boots. --- Shirley Allen

We use duct tape to wrap our hunting dogs feet when there are a lot of sand burrs. Helps to keep the dogs hunting. --- Roger Buddin

Duct Tape Mends a Broken Heart
My friend was feeling down after she and her boyfriend broke up so i gave her a piece of duct tape and told her that duct tape fixes everything including broken hearts. It cheered her up a great deal and now she's going out with someone new! --- Sarah

Army Constraint
When I was in the Army, my patrol was captured in the middle of the night on an exercise. We were mummified in green duct tape and thrown into the back of a truck. There was absolutely no way to escape and it was completely humane. My use for the tape, securing prisoners. --- Aaron Grubin

Three Practical Uses
1.. Keeps Windows up if the mechanism for electric windows is broken. Actual use by me.

2. When the dog chews up a shoe, duct tape it in his mouth for 30 minutes. He won't chew on them again. Taking the tape off is the worst part. This was used successfully by a friend.

3. To keep a big dogs tail from knocking things over on the coffee table, duct tape his tail to his leg. I have not tried this (yet). --- Leonard Nederveld

From a Canadian Tapestress
I have been a user of duct tape for many years, from fixing the arm of a black chair in the living room with matching "black" duct tape (I tried submitting that to Martha Stewart but she didn't reply?????) to wanting to waterproof my teenage daughters ridiculous hiking boots that she calls "Winter Wear" duct tape would be much more appealing then having plastic bags hanging out the top! Overall I find this product to be incredibly handy and the multi-colours that it comes in are fashion coordinating! and the fact that you can tear off any size piece you want with out having a sharp implements on hand makes it a "take with you anywhere" kind of thing. Since I use it all around the house my husband bought me your Jumbo Duct Tape Book which I find incredibly funny and chalked full of even more ideas then I could ever imagine.
Thanks for your helpful hints and keep on tapin' guys!! --- Denise P., Cambridge, Ontario

Butt Pant Fix
Back during that "wear pants so big they almost fall off your butt" craze, that I was unfortunate enough to have been caught up in, I found myself needing to have my pants securely held on my waist. I had no belt, but i did have a roll of duct tape. I pulled off several feet from the roll, and folded it over onto itself, so that each side was non-sticky. I ran it through the belt loops, and was good to go. --- Robert Nissen

Makes Sense to Us...
I used duct tape to tape over the light switches to ceiling lights that I can't reach to change. If no one uses the lights, they won't burn out, and I won't ever have to change them. --- Charlene P. East Scholdack, NY

Duct Tape: An Essential Part of Basic Training
In army basic training at Fort Knox, we had this guy no one could stand. He had an incredibly hairy back, and he used to sleep on his stomach, on top of his sheets, in nothing but his underwear. One night, I got underneath his bed while he was sleeping, and two other guys got on either side of his bed. They taped his mouth shut, then proceeded to tape him down with duct tape. To secure him to the bed, they passed the rolls of tape underneath to me. In the morning when the Drill Sergeants came through for first call, they saw him and flipped! We had to remove the tape, which took off ALL of his hair and some of his skin. We got SO jacked up - but it was worth it! --- E6AbnMedic...

Bachelor Pad Picker-Upper
As a bachelor living with two other guys I have the unlucky chore of cleaning the bathroom. The best way to start is to make a loop around your hand with the duct tape adhesive facing out, and pressing everywhere in the bathroom. Instantly all the dust, lint, and (ahem) hair is removed without having to touch it. This also works well cleaning car interiors. --- Brian V.

Another Type of Picker-Upper
We were talking about our dresses for our annual Christmas party and I was telling her that because the way my dress was cut that I could not wear a bra under it. When asked what I would wear, I replied...DUCT TAPE. Its a little secret my friends and I all share. When you can't wear a bra duct tape does the trick. You just wrap the tape under your breasts and it gives you the support and extra cleavage you need...and best of all it won't slide off should you start to sweat. It was the big office joke at our Christmas party. --- Shaun Kathleen V.

Speaking of Which...
After about a year of breastfeeding, we had decided to wean our daughter, and the OB-GYN said that my wife should "bind" her breasts so that the ducts (!) stop producing milk. How does one do this? Duct tape! Every day for 10 days I wrapped duct tape around my wife (a thin towel went between the tape and skin) and then untaped her so she could shower. By the way, my wife is a physician and I'm a scientist and we love duct tape. --- Anonymous

P.S. We both had orthopedic surgury this year on our shoulders and used duct tape to afix a plastic bag around our casted arms to be able to shower. Yet another medical use of duct tape! --- Still Anonymous

Cement Chute Sealer
I work in the construction industry and we pump a lot of concrete using a truck mounted concrete pump.The concrete comes out of the pump in a 6" metal pipe then goes into a 6" rubber hose. On this one job the metal pipe split open. The pump operator got out his handy roll of duct tape and raped it around the 8" split in the pipe and kept on pumping.There is a lot of pressure involved in pumping concrete, and after I saw that I had a hole new respect for duct tape. --- Robert C Dygert

Duct Tape Quiets Class Clowns
My name is Tracy and I am in tenth grade, a few weeks ago during my "beloved" geometry class, this girl Liz was being hyper and obnoxious as usual, well Mr.T (the teacher [name withheld so he can keep his job]) was getting a little ticked off by now. And for some reason that I know not, but do approve of, he had a huge roll of duct tape in his office. So he stop class, got the duct tape, and literally sat Liz down in her seat, and started to peel back the duct tape. No one knew what to think or even say, but since it was Liz we just laughed. Well with much struggle he had duct taped her feet and legs to the legs of the desk. Well nevertheless she wasn't to happy but she calmed down and shut up fast. Finally the bell rang. Being how duct tape is the strongest polymer know to man, she had a hell of time trying to get it off. What was even better is that know one bothered to help her we just left the room, so did Mr. T. Some how she managed to peel the tape off, But trust me if you are ever obnoxious in Mr.T's class your as good as taped! Needless to say Mr.Torbett never loses control of the class, all he has to do is to hold the roll of duct tape up, which every time seems to be conveniently duct taped to his right belt loop! --- Tracy

Duct Tape Demouser
In my last three residences,I have successfully used duct tape as a mouse control method. I figured out where the mice were getting in, duct taped the area closed, and that was the last I saw of any mice. For some reason, mice just don't like the stuff. --- Marlene

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Duct Tape Mischief
I consider you the "Vatican of Duct Tape". For years some unsuspecting chump gets a Christmas & April Fool's gift all at once. I'll triple-wrap some weasel & watch him or her use their buck teeth & hind paws unwrapping some cheap piece of crap for hours!Every year the relatives sweat it out and await the victim. One year I fixed a beauty for my cousin who happens to be a holy nun! Boy! Was she struggling to keep muttering a string of dark oaths! Thank you for extending my sick-puppy mind for more devious uses for our most precious duct tape! --- Stinkin' Leo Swigonski -The Dark Prince of Duct Tape.

No More Moisture Damaged Sheet Rock
I have another use - while redoing two on-grade rooms with drywall walls, with the four-foot wide butt ends resting on vinyl tile and concern about moisture or water getting on the floor and then wicking up the drywall, I taped the end along the edge and up the front and rear (front will be covered with moulding.) Thus if I have no more than a half inch of water, which is very unlikely, the drywall is safe. --- Bud Boothe, Westfield NJ

Duct Tape Body Suit
There was this one guy at my school who duct taped his whole body neck down. He got $173 doing this but he got suspended from the school for the day because he only wore boxers to school and also I heard some of his skin was ripped off when he took the duct tape off. --- X Child (age 13)
Yup, if you are going to try this stunt, spray yourself down with WD-40 or coat yourself with vegetable oil first. We would have held out for $175!

Duct Tape Prevents Frozen Locks
The other day it was ssoooooo cold her that I couldn't open the front door....that's why I thought it was so amusing when I got into my car and the news station had people on telling how they deal with the cold. One woman said she puts duct tape over her car lock to stop it from freezing....she also said tot tape the front door to stop the door from freezing. --- Mitzi Miles, The Groove, Detroit

Duct Tape Ferry
This past summer, a bunch of my friends and I were inspired by the August 13, 2000 duct tape tip of the day. Two sealed 55-gallon drums, a couple of old pallets, an outboard motor and some duct tape, and you've got one inexpensive pontoon boat.
We built the craft in the picture, for a competition called the non-mariners race. The point of the race is to build a boat out of anything, and human power it around a course. You can see one of the five 55-gallon drums, just sticking out of the water at the front of the craft. All of the oars had duct tape on the handles to prevent splinters, and there was also and emergency supply of duct tape onboard, but it is unfortunately hidden in the photo. --- Ryan, Pembroke Bermuda