Here are some samples of Tim (and sometimes Jim) on the radio.
(Quicktime and MP3 files)
The Bob and Sheri Network (syndicated nationwide)
Duct Tape as a talk show topic = caller magnet!

Radio U ( Riot on the Radio talks with Tim about Father's Day uses for Duct Tape.

Randy and Spiff Fox 97 Atlanta
Here’s a typical [wacky] morning show interview.

The Duct Tape Guys are Family Friendly!
Dave and Geri WLHTGrand Rapids, MI (Father's Day Hints part 1)
Dave and Geri WLHT (Father's Day Hints continued - part 2)

HomeFront with Bob Zeeman
The Duct Tape Guys bring a serious home improvement show to a whole new level [lower?].

Minnesota Public Radio (NPR)
A produced segment with Tim using "Duct Shui" to improve the flow of positive energy in the MPR studios.

And, in a longer format (20 minutes +) the Duct Tape Guys STILL hold their own... in fact, a national CBS Radio call in show said, "We've never had so many calls on a topic in our history - do you mind if we keep you on for an additional half hour?" These airchecks are extended versions of our interview-ability:

CJAD - Holder Tonight Interview with Peter Anthony Holder, Montreal

Allan Handelman Coast to Coast
25-minute interview dealing with the Dept. of Homeland Security's directive to stockpile duct tape and what the stockpilers can REALLY use their tape for.

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